Utilising radar technology to enhance situational awareness and counter critical operational challenges

In recent years, there have been a number of key developments in radar technology which have enhanced radar capabilities in areas such as range,detection, identification, integration with other sensors and adaptability to new missions, platforms and environments. As operators are confronted by emerging threats and increasingly congested and contested operational environments, these technological advancements are filling critical capability gaps; therefore, there will be severe consequences for militaries which fail to adapt to recent developments. Ultimately, understanding these complex challenges and making decisions on procurements and upgrades is vital to national security.

Defence IQ is delighted to announce the return of our 14th Annual Military Radar conference. This summit stands alone as an established event which is dedicated to the military applications of radar technology. As a result, it has gained international recognition as a unique forum for discussion and is consistently able to attract senior representatives from military services, commercial organisations and research institutions. With devoted exhibition facilities and networking sessions, this conference provides the perfect environment for military and industry partners to debate changing mission sets and the future capability potential of radar systems.

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Top Reasons to Attend:


Exclusive testimonies on future requirements, operational experiences, and the results of extensive research programmes to gain unparalleled insights which will inform the future deployment and application of radar systems


Unique opportunity for a holistic exchange of information between representatives from military, industry and academia on the future application of radar to ensure that your procurement and training programmes are prepared for imminent capability advances


Evaluate the potential capability gaps threatening national security, which are emerging as legacy radar systems are increasingly required to counter new threats and environmental challenges


Access innovative methodologies and technological approaches to counter emerging threats and challenging operational environments


Adopt a sophisticated, efficient and cost effective approach to resource management during procurement and systems upgrades through a comprehensive review of available technologies and the balance between their utility and required investment


Develop new contacts in our dedicated networking sessions to facilitate greater partnering and co-operation between governmental organisations, industry and research bodies

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