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Military radar systems have undergone substantial changes since they were first deployed, with new challenges forcing new operating procedures and capabilities in radar. With the emergence of UAV’s and drones, and the increasingly and overwhelmingly cluttered Electromagnetic Spectrum, military radar operators now face their greatest challenge in recent history. As the threat develops across new and multiple fields, engaging with these challenges now is a critical requirement for all radar operators.

While these new systems undoubtedly present major challenges to the radar community, they also present one of their greatest opportunities; new developments in UAV’s and autonomous drones, for instance, have created new opportunities for micro-radar systems as guidance systems – a particular focus for numerous autonomous last mile delivery programmes currently being developed by the world’s military

Military Radar 2018 will identify the critical improvements to radar functionality. Key to the programme will be an update on the US inter-department radar procurement to detect and track UAV’s, and updates from leading figures on the Autonomous Last Mile Resupply programme in the UK.

Join a panel of experts at the 16th annual Military Radar summit, as they establish a critical path for applying advanced radar technology to address new challenges. Take part in the only summit committed not just to realising the latest research, but to understanding how this research is being applied by the world’s leading defence agencies..

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2018 speakers Include:

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Top Reasons to Attend:


Hear directly from HQ NORAD about the operational requirements of a multi-system radar, and weigh up its benefits in comparison to deploying multiple integrated platforms


Develop adaptive and autonomous systems that are rigorous enough to meet the minimal fail rates required by military operators, and continue to work towards the application of a truly cognitive radar system


Explore how QinetiQ are leveraging advances in signal processing  that can help to reduce clutter and identify emerging and low-frequency threats in a congested air space


Discover the critical advances in ELINT and Electronic Warfare, and analyse how advances in MIMO radar can be used to safeguard your capabilities against jamming and stealth technologies


Understand how the Fraunhofer Institute is working to implement a networked radar system, which takes maximum advantage of multiple capabilities to enhance domain awareness and increase the range of coverage


Establish an effective procurement strategy by exploring the latest innovations in radar technology and reasearch

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