Cut through the noise, detect the threat

Military radar operators are confronting an increasingly complex operating environment. As the electromagnetic spectrum grows ever more cluttered, continued domain awareness demands agile and adaptive systems, which can exploit multiple frequencies to secure an accurate surveillance picture.

Military Radar 2017 will identify the critical improvements to radar functionality. Key to the programme will be an update on progress towards cognitive radar, together with the risks and benefits of adopting multi-system technologies. Managing SWaP challenges is another focus for capability development, reflective of the need to mount radar on ever-smaller airborne platforms.

Join a panel of experts at the 15th annual Military Radar summit, as they establish a critical path for applying advanced radar technology to deliver improved threat detection. Take part in the only summit commited not just to realising the latest research, but to understanding the growing threat of Electronic Warfare.

2017 Speakers Included

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Top Reasons to Attend:


Hear directly from HQ NORAD about the operational requirements of a multi-system radar, and weigh up its benefits in comparison to deploying multiple integrated platforms


Develop adaptive and autonomous systems that are rigorous enough to meet the minimal fail rates required by military operators, and continue to work towards the application of a truly cognitive radar system


Explore how QinetiQ are leveraging advances in signal processing  that can help to reduce clutter and identify emerging and low-frequency threats in a congested air space


Discover the critical advances in ELINT and Electronic Warfare, and analyse how advances in MIMO radar can be used to safeguard your capabilities against jamming and stealth technologies


Understand how the Fraunhofer Institute is working to implement a networked radar system, which takes maximum advantage of multiple capabilities to enhance domain awareness and increase the range of coverage


Establish an effective procurement strategy by exploring the latest innovations in radar technology and reasearch

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