Discovering new detection capabilities to tackle future threats

The emergence of new hypersonic systems, next generation capabilities and low, slow, small drone systems has placed a renewed emphasis on the ability of military operators to identify, monitor and track potential threats.

Military Radar 2019 has been designed to support the operator against the new threat by exploring and assessing the next phase of radar capability. Focussing on new developments in 3D phased array radar, cognitive and passive radar viability in theatre, and the implications of autonomy in AESA radar and  Airborne Surveillance Systems

Ahead of the significant system updates over the next 5 years, the military radar conference will demonstrate the full extent of the programme, exploring the latest in academic research, technical capacity and industry capability to inform the programme, and challenge industry to present new creative approaches to the future of radar.

Join a panel of experts at the 17th annual Military Radar summit, as they establish a critical path for applying advanced radar technology to address new challenges. Take part in the only summit committed not just to realising the latest research, but to understanding how this research is being applied by the world’s leading defence agencies.

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2019 speakers Include:

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Top Reasons to Attend:


Hear directly from HQ NORAD on how they intend to deploy AWACS and airborne surveillance capabilities to counter future operational threat


Develop autonomous systems in AESA radar to ensure systems remain operationally viable and capable against the next generation of airborne threat


Discover the critical advances in system capability making cognitive and passive radar deployments a reality of the next operating theatre


Explore the challenges of operating in the clustered electro-magnetic spectrum ti ensure survivability against developed radar counter-operations

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