28-30 August 2019

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For a snapshot of the Military Radar 2017 conference download the presentation by Brian Lihani on updating legacy radar systems to improve integration and enhance threat detection. 

5 key realities of countering drones in the radar sector

Drones pose an ongoing security threat in both the military and civilian  sector, as they are undetectable by radar systems in a congested airspace. While near-misses are recurrent, it is only a matter of time before a serious incident occur, which could prove disastrous. Defence IQ wanted to del ...

A look inside the largest ever radar procurement in the US: The SENSR programme

The current major procurement operation in radar, the SENSR programme, is deemed to entirely renovate the US radar network, from surveillance to air safety and weather radar applications. Capable of meeting the requirements of all four agencies taking part in the project - NORAD, the Department ...

Principles of Modern Radar: Advanced Techniques

Principles of Modern Radar: Advanced Techniques is a professional reference for practicing engineers, including Joseph R. Guerci, that provides a stepping stone to advanced practice with in-depth discussions of the most commonly used advanced techniques fo ...

Interview: Dr Karl Erik Olsen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Defence IQ sat down with Dr Olsen to discuss the technical challenges for military radar in Norway and to get an insight into his research in this area and the new capabilities on the horizon.

Ecuador seeks radar to combat drug smuggling after Chinese deal falls through

Ecuador is seeking to acquire four new radar surveillance systems, according to Defence Minister Fernando Cordero...

Radar Market Resilience: New acquisitions for land, sea and air

The military radar market is enjoying good health thanks to a number of ongoing and expected acquisitions across the air, land and sea domains. 

Eyes On The Skies: Ground-Based Air Surveillance Developments

Thomas Withington provides this overview of the key technological developments in the field of ground-based air surveillance radars, with a look at emerging threats and the latest national programmes receiving new military investment. Military Radar 2016 wi ...

Thinking Big in Radar, Outpacing the Threat with NORAD HQ

“Working with the customer is ess ...