22 - 24 August 2017

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Military Radar Sample Attendee List

Download a sample of the Military Radar 2016 attendee list.

Military Radar Trends & Analysis Report 2016

In recent years, there have been a number of key developments in radar technology which have enhanced radar capabilities for militaries worldwide. The technology provides critical capability for armed forces. Recent advancements in range, detection, identification, integration with other sensors, and adaptability to new missions, platforms and environments, make it one of the most dynamic and progressive markets for industry and military stakeholders.

Ahead of the Military Radar conference (30 August – 1 September, 2016 in London, UK), Defence IQ commissioned a survey of technical experts and industry professionals to gauge how the market is evolving and to identify the key trends in the market over the next ten years.

Military Radar News Digest June 2016

In 2016's second edition of the Military Radar News Digest, Defence IQ takes a look at various radar news stories from around the world. Including insight into AN/SPY-1D(V) radar transmitter contract won by Raytheon, Flip-flops undermine Korea's military tech credibility, Harris Corporation awarded $113m US Navy radar upgrade contract, Lockheed wins Pilot Survivability Training contract and more!

Military Radar News Digest April 2016

In 2016's first edition of the Military Radar News Digest, Defence IQ takes a look at various radar news stories from around the world. Including insight into the new Raytheon radar, U.S. Army radar developments, DoD investments, the growing global military radar market, and much more!


Principles of Modern Radar: Advanced Techniques

Principles of Modern Radar: Advanced Techniques is a professional reference for practicing engineers, including Joseph R. Guerci, that provides a stepping stone to advanced practice with in-depth discussions of the most commonly used advanced techniques for radar design. It will also serve advanced radar academic and training courses with a complete set of problems for students as well as solutions for instructors. This book provides an introduction to advanced radar methods available, spanning the gamut of the most exciting radar capabilities, from exotic waveforms, to ultra-high resolution 2D and 3D imaging methods, complex adaptive inteference cancellation, multi-target tracking in dense scenarios and more.


Military Radar News Digest, May 2015

Defence IQ looks at the major developments in the radar sector, from manufacturing contracts, partnerships and regional developments…

Interview: Dr Karl Erik Olsen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Defence IQ sat down with Dr Olsen to discuss the technical challenges for military radar in Norway and to get an insight into his research in this area and the new capabilities on the horizon.

Ecuador seeks radar to combat drug smuggling after Chinese deal falls through

Ecuador is seeking to acquire four new radar surveillance systems, according to Defence Minister Fernando Cordero...

Radar Market Resilience: New acquisitions for land, sea and air

The military radar market is enjoying good health thanks to a number of ongoing and expected acquisitions across the air, land and sea domains. 

Eyes On The Skies: Ground-Based Air Surveillance Developments

Thomas Withington provides this overview of the key technological developments in the field of ground-based air surveillance radars, with a look at emerging threats and the latest national programmes receiving new military investment. Military Radar 2016 will assess the capabilities available in the coming years and offer vital insight to military operators.